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Are You Screening Applicants Incorrectly?

To filter out low-quality applicants and identify high-quality applicants you must find out what makes a person successful at the job and then screen for that.

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How Employee Referrals Can Transform Your Applicant Flow

If you’re a small business without an employee referral program…you’re missing out on the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to increase applicant flow.

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Why You Should Always Have Your Jod Ads Posted

Recruiting even when you’re not actively hiring is one of the smartest things you can do to prepare for when you are actively hiring.

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How To Approach Creating Your Job Ad Job Titles

In your job ads, it's important to use the most common job title that contains keywords the individuals with qualifications for this job would search for.

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You Don't Have to Have the Highest Paying Job

Want to hire top talent, but can’t offer job seekers top dollar? It’s time to get creative and market your other benefits to compete with Big Dog Companies.

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

Still struggling with low applicant flow no matter how you change your job ad? It may be time to shift your focus towards improving your company culture.

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Job Seekers Need to Know What You Pay

Providing no information about pay is more damaging than being upfront that pay isn’t that great. You may think it’s strategic, but this is costing you!

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Your complicated job application isn't helping you hire!

To attract the quality candidates you want, you must reduce the friction in your application process. You must break up your application process into stages!

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How to prevent bad hires and a high turnover rate!

Turnover continues to be one of the biggest struggles for business owners. To start retaining qualified employees you need to reexamine your hiring process.